Louder Than Atoms

Embark on a 20 year musical journey that takes Louder Than Atoms from local open mics, house parties and small town gigs, to the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, to make their first studio album. Under the guidance of producers Scott Rehling and Kevin Chin at Rehling’s spectral Lava Studios in the Northloop of Austin, Louder Than Atoms hones their alt rock roots and discover their hard rock sound.


Drummer Alan Eckert of Austin’s own “the Deer” provides the driving percussion as Kevin Chin paints guitar textures and the lost art of screaming lead guitar under a backdrop of Scott Rehling’s sublime keyboard and synthesizer sounds.


Other local Austin talent includes Kristina Kopriva-Rehling on violin and background vocals, T and Humane providing raps on "What You Say?" and Melissa Ndettemi on background vocals.


Founders and songwriters Freddie Vincelli and Jim Leichtenschlag, two life long friends started this musical journey in their neighborhood garage.



      1. washem’ down

      2. 24

      3. love don’t love me

      4. starting the bleed

      5. what you say?

      6. no juliett

      7. you pray

      8. rise up

      9 . without you

     10. so much more

     11. you don’t know me

     12. love goodbyes

     13. 13 in e


Label: Independent

Release Date: October 3, 2016

Genre: alternative / rock

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Louder Than Atoms
Louder Than Atoms